Who goes to Diversionz?

The answer to this one is as diverse as is any group of people. We get people of all ages although most of the women are 30+ and the guys are usually anything from 20 - mid 50's and everything in between.We get people of all body shapes and sizes.

Diversionz is about real people and that doesn't mean only those you may find attractive as what one person finds sexually appealing is not necessarily going to work for others.We get people from all walks of life from those in the Corporate, legal and medical worlds to truck drivers, manual labourers, public servents; anything and everything imaginable.

Everybody is looking for something different to the next person so it's important to take the time to chat to people to make sure you're all on the same page before you take it that extra step and agree to play. Having said that, not all that come to Diversionz are even looking to play, we do get some who just like the laid back, drama free adult atmosphere

What should I wear to Diversionz?

The short answer to this one is smart casual with the emphasis very much on the smart. Remember you are dressing to impress.

Ladies if you're looking to get a little sexy  firstly aim to be comfortable, nothing is worse than spending your night constantly tugging at your hem or whatever. Try to emphasise your best points, shorter dress if you have great legs, low cut for a fabulous cleavage etc.

Guys boardies and thongs is not attractive unless you're just out of the water at the beach. A little effort goes a long way. Most women also find it a little odd if you parade about naked for no purpose. A quick trip from a room to the loo or to get a drink for a lady is one thing but wandering about naked or in just a towel without purpose is just kinda creepy and not likely to get you the kind of attention you're hoping for. There are towels in all the rooms, near the shower and spa if you're not looking to get re-dressed after playing or taking a spa.

How much does it cost to come to Diversionz?

Friday or Saturday night entry charges are:

Couples (M & F) $40 Please note, if you arrive together as a couple you must leave together as a couple

Single Ladies $10

Single Guys $60

Payment is by cash only. We have no card facilities.

We have a DFF (Diversionz Frequent Fuckers) card available at reception which we stamp each time you attend a night and the 6th party is half price, the 12th free. Please note, we don't have any form of membership, never have never will. The entry price is it, nothing more ever

Once a month we have our mid month mania weekend where we have the same TFIF format of couples and mixed singles with an aimed for max ratio of men to women of 2:1 on both the Fri and Sat. Come to both nights that weekend and we offer a bonus; half price entry on the Saturday night. This applies to all, couples & singles.

When is Diversionz open?

As a general rule Diversionz is open every Friday and Saturday night.

Unless we're having our BIG BANG gang bang or it's a special occasion eg: NewYears Eve, the hours are 8pm to 2am. When The Big Bang is on we're open from 8pm to 1am.

Once a year we take what we consider a well earned break and are shut for a weekend. This is at Christmas, usually the week between Christmas & NYE. Always check the calendar :-)

How do I know what's on when?

Check on the party calendar all dates, times, themes etc will be listed there.

What night will best suit me?

As everyone is looking for different things not all evenings will suit everyone's taste. Please read on the calendar listing what is on when you're wanting to attend to ensure it is a night when you can reasonably expect to find others looking to play in a similar manner to you.

If you're a newbie nearly all nights will be fine for your first time foray into the world of swingers, the one exception to this is when we're having our BIG BANG -this is definitely not the night for first timers.

If I pay to get in am I guaranteed sex?


Diversionz is a swingers venue not a brothel. Per our rules, treat our venue as a brothel by either soliciting or prostituting and you will be asked to leave.

There are never any guarantees that anyone will get sex. Your entry fee is to cover access to the venue, full use of our facilities, soft drinks, tea, coffee, snacks and supper. This is not to be mis-construed as a payment for guaranteed sex.

When can single men attend?

Respectful, well behaved single men who understand the rules of play are welcome to any of our nights in varying ratios.

On any Friday night we aim for a max ratio of men to women of 2:1 but rarely reach that target. Saturday nights the ratios vary from 3-4:1 for a gang bang night through to a lot less for a couples and mixed singles night.

Single men must always book to guarantee their place by either sending an email or calling us on 0414656218. The phone is on most nights Tues-Thurs and all day Friday and Saturday. Monday - Friday I can't answer during business hours as I work....but I will always call you back. If you're concerned that I havent got your number or you don't want me to call back, send a text.

How is Diversionz staffed?

Mary-Anne is the owner of Diversionz, on any given night the staff levels will vary depending on the event and staff holidays but the norm would be:

Mary-Anne downstairs on the front desk welcoming and taking entry fees.
A staff member touring any first timers, generally circulating and making sure all is well in all areas of the club.
A staff member upstairs taking care of there and topping up chilled water, nibblies etc.
Depending on the night one or two staff will be on the bar responsibly serving your BYO drinks and or soft drinks. One other staff member keeping an eye on all areas of the venue, collecting glasses, topping up comdoms, advising us of any rooms that need changing/cleaning etc.

Our staff are all very approachable and able to answer any questions and address any problems you may have. Mary-Anne and staff are not hard to spot, they're always in uniform, just look for the purple shirts. All are always sober and upright;  ready to make sure your night is hassle free.

Is there any reasonably priced accommodation nearby?

There are many hotels and motels within a 10 minute taxi ride of Diversionz.

The best rate we've seen is at the Springwood Motor Inn, 145 Barbaralla Drv, Springwood QLD 4127 phone:(07) 3299 5999 Their rooms start at about $100 per night and it's only a short taxi ride from the club.

For considerably more per night there are a few places in Springwood such as Hotel Gloria, Springwood motel & Springwood Towers which are less than 5 minutes from the venue.

Check on the cut rate web sites like wotif for last minute cheaper options.

How many people will be there?

This question is a bit like the proverbial  how long is a piece of string? Only single men are required to book so the ladies & couples attending are an unknown quantity.

Having said that on average we get around 50 - 60 people most nights. Numbers can vary from 40 on a rare quieter night through to 100 on a busier night. We aim on all nights (except for Big Bang) to have a max M:F ratio of 2:1. on Big Bang nights we aim for a higher percentage of men cos, after all, it's a gang bang :-) Maintaining these maxium ratios is why single men must always book to ensure their place.

What do I need to bring?

Aside from cash for your entry fee, sorry we don't have EFTPOS, all you need to bring is any alcohol you wish to consume within reasonable levels. Arrive with a carton of beer for one person and we'll probably bar you from entry. Everything after that is then there and provided free of charge.

All play areas have towels, condoms, lube, wet wipes, tissues; there are towels near the spa & shower. At the bar we supply all but the alcohol. Glasses, ice, standard mixers etc. are all there and our RSA trained bar staff will take your drinks and serve you throughout the night as required. We supply iced water, tea, coffee & hot chocolate.

What is your alcohol policy?

We are by law purely BYO alcohol. It is against the law in Qld to supply alcohol at any premises where sex occurs. We adhere strictly to all liquor licencing laws & RSA guidelines.

We do not allow anyone to bring self pre-mixed drinks, commercially pre-mixed is fine but the staff can't monitor your consumption (as they must by law) if they don't know the strength of what you've mixed yourself. Please don't being an eskie as we simply don't have the space to store them all. Your drinks will be labelled & placed in our fridges to keep cool and served to you by our staff as required.

You need to be aware that our bar staff are trained in the responsible service of alcohol and will, if they deem it advisable, cut off your alcohol supply. We know you've brought it there, it's your alcohol but if you become intoxicated you will be cut off. You'll then have two choices, switch to soft drinks, water, coffee etc or collect what remains of your BYO alcohol & leave. It is against the law for us to continue to allow you to drink if you're intoxicated.

Diversionz will not risk our staffs RSA certification or our ability to remain open by breaking the law & supplying alcohol to anyone who we consider to have had enough. Nor will our staff comply with demands to make drinks over the top strong, they will be mixed at a reasonable level as again, they're not looking to lose their RSA certs. There are massive fines both for us and our staff if they violate the "no more it's the law" policy and none of us can afford the many thousands of dollars those entail.

Are there any circumstances under which I'll be denied entry?

Short answer, yes, longer answer is there are a few circumstances under which you'll be denied entry such as but not limited to those listed below:

If you arrive as a single man & haven't booked there's a good chance we'll not let you in, this is usually because we've reached the desired ratio of M:F for the night.

If you arrive unsuitably attired you'll be denied entry. Others who attend Diversionz go to an effort to present well & it lowers the general standards if we let anyone in who's arrived scruffy, in work gear,  with thongs on their feet etc. If you're wearing a hoodie, beanie or the like you will be asked to remove them before being granted entry.

If you arrive & are clearly drunk or under the influence of drugs you will be denied entry whether you've booked or not.

Are their circumstances under which people are asked to leave?

Essentially if you break our rules you will be asked to leave, this includes but is not limited to, opening a closed door & being found to have a phone in your posession.

If you harrass anyone, make others uncomfortable or in any way affect their ability to have a good night we will ask you to leave.

If you become drunk or under the influence of drugs we'll ask you to go.

Play by the  rules, don't creep anyone out, stay sober & there will be no problems. Diversionz is not a venue to come to, drink to excess & play up, people come to Diversionz to get away from the pub mentality.