Party Rules

Diversionz is an Adult venue and as such we expect adult behaviour at all times.

At all times we demand respect for everyone including staff.

Harassment of any nature will not be tolerated.

No means no. Repeated requests after having received a no ty is harrassment.

Always ask before you touch even in an open room.

A closed room, when allocated as such, remains closed.

Designated open rooms will be lit and must stay that way.

We promote safe sex practices. Condoms, lube and hand sanitiser are provided in all play areas.

Whilst all care is taken with the property of guests, we take no responsibility.

 Any incidences of theft will be reported to the Police.

 Smoking is permitted in the designated outside areas only.

Performing sex acts in the carpark is forbidden. The car park is a public area and not only are you very likely to be prosecuted but it could also jeopardise our council approvals.

 No prostitution or soliciting of any description.

 No drug use or sale.

  “No More It’s The Law” – we promote responsible alcohol use and reserve the right to refuse service. Any alcohol brought to the venue must be served through the bar. You are not permitted to hold onto a hip flask etc. Anyone arriving intoxicated will be refused entry. If you become that way while on site you may be asked to leave with no refund offered. For the comfort of all we request you bring only limited alcohol, being drunk is seriously unattractive and will in no way improve your chances of a good night.

Grounds for instant removal from the venue

Harassing anyone, breaking any laws, be they drug, property or other. Taking photos.

This is not a brothel, treat it as one either by soliciting or prostituting and you will be evicted.

Management decisions are final and no refunds will be issued.