Party Testimonials

Went to this place two weeks ago. The staff were friendly, helpful, informative, showed me around.

Met loads of like minded people and had a fun and relaxing evening with loads of hot fun.

Would highly recommend it.
Tony and Vicky
Our first time at a Swingers club last night. Was very professionally run, have no complaints about it. We had a great time, staff all very friendly and knew what to do. Met another lovely couple there and had some fun with them. Would go back again next time we are in town.
Went to Diversionz for the first time last night 11/03/17. Going as a single woman for the first time was a little intimidating but within half an hour I was having a great time in the open room. Lots of action and everyone was friendly. I’ll definitely be back 🙂
attended big bang night last saturday.Great venue,great staff and had a wonderful time.I’ll be back!
Visited the club for the first time on Friday night.
Staff we very friendly and we met some nice people.
My partner and I didn’t really feel the vibe enough to play. But we had fun!
There were at least 3 men to each girl. Quite a lot of guys were just hanging around waiting for the action to start, which was a bit offputting. But having said that, we did meet some cool guys too.
I think we’ll be back. Maybe Saturday nights are a bit better
I visited Diversionz by myself last year when I was visiting Brisbane on business. It was my first time in a swingers club and I was nervous. I wanted to fulfill a fantasy of a MMF. Well I hooked up with a cute guy within half an hour and after a few hours in a room, we went and used the sex swing. After a while a couple of guys joined in. It was excellent! One fantasy ticked off my list :-). I’m visiting Diversionz again in April. Yay.
Frosty n Mel
just want to say how much fun we have had here. her first time she was so nervous but we ended up in a 4 way and she had a blast. our second time we brought some friends along and even they for their first time loved it and have said they are coming back too… love going to the club and we will be back again soon
Mark T
Hi everyone, i was recently in Brisbane and had the pleasure of visiting Diversions. The team who run the place do an amazing job. From the moment i stepped thru the door they could not of been more welcoming or more helpful. The venue is set up perfectly and has everything you could ever ask for. Everybody there was freindly and happy. If you are looking for somewhere to go for a great time with friendly people and great staff, whether your first timers or experience Diversions is the place to go.
Thank you again to ladies and gentlemen that run the place you are all great. I will be back.
frosty and mek
Thank you guys for a fantastic night. we met a great Cpl brand new to it all as was my wife. We all hit it off so very well and ended up down stairs for a lot of fun with 4 of us in one bed and the girls loved kissing each other as it was so hot watching them, we all fucked for around an hour an I gave them our numbers so who knows they may like to play again as I think we made some great new friends.
Leila ( Brazil )
April 19th 2015.

My first experience in a swingers club i can say was FANTASTIC , I would like to say Thank You to all the staff menbers of the club that was so made me feel so welcome , arriving there was sort of shy but after talking to some members that was so polite in answering all my questions i feel so confortable .
The club made a big difference in my holidays, i was there almost every weekend , meeting wonderful members we talk and laff a lot and i feel so comfortable , not to mention the staff and the manager that make me feel at home , I will be backl there some other time when i visit Brisbane again , Thank you Diversiong for making my holidays so special .

Lucie aka (Luca and Al)
For many years my husband and myself have been going to Div’s, and have always found it to be the safest and funnest place to socialize. Sadly my husband passed away last year, but this place has so many special memory’s, that I never want to forget. I still go to Div’s and it seems to attract me like a magnet, I cant stop going no matter what. The staff members were like family to me and Allan, and Div’s is like a second home. Would recommend it to everyone.
I attended both the TFIF and Saturday night last week and had an absolute ball. All the staff are very friendly and accommodating. The relaxed atmosphere and friendly patrons made the both nights very comfortable as well as fun. This is definitely the best 2 nights I have had in a very long time and would recommend anyone visit. There is no pressure from anyone, including other patrons and everyone made you feel welcome. Although the weather was not the best, the spa was great and always warm. During the night I was introduced to a few different couples and found everyone fun to be with. I am not sure what else to say and what to divulge, but I can guarantee I had a phenomenal night and will definitely be going back. Thanks again to Mary-Anne, Dave, Mayzie and all the staff, look forward to catching up again soon…..toga, toga, toga!!!
Mark Nist
Had a great time here the other week. Great staff who make everyone welcome and the people that attend are friendly and inviting. I look forward to visiting again sometime soon.

Thank you to Debbi for the great service.

Thanks to Debbie for an absolutely wonderful encounter that I will remember forever

Brad ( Curvehunter)
I’d just like to say a huge thank you to both the staff at the club and the members of club cuddly who I met last night.
As a first timer to any swingers venue I was pretty nervous, after a guided tour and then being adopted by a member of CC ( not sure of using names) who introduced me around, I was made to feel very welcome.
I had some very hot encounters during the night and was that comfortable towards the end of the evening that the open room became part of my experience .
Anyone, who like me who would like to try a swingers night but because of preconceptions of what it might be like has been putting it off, I can highly recommend a CC night, they and the other regulars were a very social and friendly crowd, at no point did I feel any pressure or discomfort ( well, nothing that I wasn’t a wiling participant of. Lol.)
Thank you again and I’ll definatly be back.
cat and matt
We attended friday night 7 feb. As newbies we were really quite scared and unsure. But we had nothing to fear. Met some wonderful people who made us feel at home and very comfortable. Had plenty of wonderful conversations and laughs. The venue is lovely and clean and inviting. We ended up having an encounter with 2 other men who were lovely and had great fun. I felt at ease the whole time and very discreet. We will be coming back. Even if it’s not to play but just for the social side of things and the friendly atmosphere. I would like to say a big thanks to Lindy and Phil and marion. Thankyou for welcoming us in and the great conversation and to the staff who do a great job and welcomed us like old friends.
Peter and Michelle
First timers last Friday night and had a wonderful time. We were both very nervous having never been in this situation but everyone made up feel welcome and comfortable. We did not play with other that night but had a wonderful time in the spa and made new friends.
Ex-Military Serviceman
If you are looking for a relaxing, non judgemental, welcoming place to experience a great group of people and new friends than look no further.

I recently attended the newbies night, it was my first time as a single male attending, and really pretty daunting not knowing what to expect. Well it exceeded my expectations and I was very happily suprised to find an upbeat classy place where anyone could relax and feel at home.

There are plenty of area’s if you get invited to play and it is well catered for.

Highly recommended

Ex-Military Serviceman

Tony B
Thanks to the staff and the people I meet on New Year’s had a great night
Went to Bi Night on Sat 30/11. Had a great night, meeting new people, playing pool, having a generally fantastic time. Really lovely people there, both staff and public alike. Special thanks to Phil and Lindy for making feel welcome and guiding through my first time. Look forward to going back soon and trying out some of the other theme nights.
Gav and Janelle
Dam work, so missing our nights at the club.
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C & R
Our first visit last night and we had a ball! Thanks guys for a great night it was excellent, we met an awesome couple for fun and thanks for making our vodkas just right 🙂



Cherie, the birthday girl!
Thank you so VERY much to everyone for the best night Thankyou Diversionz for making it special x




First I want to say thank you to my fiance, I love you heaps. I also want to say thank you to all who dressed up on Saturday night for my birthday night. And thanks to all for helping me make it the best night ever!!!!! And yes I had a headache the next day.




first time on friday 22/09/2012 just want to say thanks for the great night I will definately be coming back again. the atmosphere and the people and staff where wonderful very friendly place (:




My Hubby & I had the most amazing sat night with the Brizzy Bangers Saturday night party. This was our first time at Diversions and first time swinging we are coming back for more. I had the most amazing night the Venue is great the staff are fantastic and we met some really nice people. Going to a Gang Bang party for our first swinging experience was not planned but everyone there made me feel so comfortable and Relaxed . I and hubby are hooked so see you all at the next Brizzy Bangers Event .



C & B

We would like to thank you for such a wonderful night we had when we come down on the 25th and we like how you made us feel very welcome for our first visit we will be coming back as we really enjoyed our night thank you C & B



ever being to anything like DiversionZ offer before, I found the club great, management team friendly and very helpful which made being a newbie to the scene very comfortable and the venue absolutly awesome. I had a great time with meeting people and of course the atmosphere was great, and other things that you really must come and see for yourself. Had a blast, will be a regular Thanks heaps very happy



Joel & Kerrie
Hi guys, last nite we visited your club, we are we first timers, we were very impressed and made to feel welcome, meet some nice people & had some fun. Look forward to cuming again soon. Cheers



Fri 20th April: My first night at diversions, my first night at a swing party….loved it…would he going tonight but other commitments ……I loved the atmosphere Everytime I think about Diversionz…. I can\\\’t help but grin my face off…. I love the way it is very female friendly and discreet



Oz Cock
Hi all, I went on Friday 30th March. My first time this club and in fact any club in Oz. I booked ahead which helped and it was a good reception, no hassles, all very organised. The place is clean, well staffed. It was a quiet night by all accounts and some of it was a bit alien to me, being used to larger more open swing clubs in UK. It has a nightclub atmosphere to a certain extent and there was some gorgeous ladies taking turns on the pole. Yes there are some regulars and yes you may feel a little bit \’rabbit in the headlights\’ initially but people are warm and friendly and seem used to newbies. As a single guy you learn to just be polite, look and not touch until asked to and don\’t jump in. This seemed to work for me as I bided my time and eventually hooked up with a very sexy and exhibitionist couple on the large open bed downstairs. A great time was had by all I hope!! Would I go again? Yes I would but do not expect a bevy of ladies dying to suck your mammoth cock…its not like that and the sexual undertones are quite discrete.



Single girl
Thanks heaps for the AMM membership I won at the Xmas Party. I\’m really looking forward to utilising the AMM site – I\’m sure it will be brilliant fun – still working my way around the site and trying to work out what the winks mean lol. Diversionz and the Brizzy Bangers partys are always brilliant fun. The first time I attended I was really nervous but the staff put my mind at ease. I found that its a really relaxed atmosphere, everyone is friendly and they made me feel completely at home. It\’s an incredibly safe environment for a single female to explore her sexuality – who knew it could be this much fun!!!!! The staff are extremely professional, friendly and helpful……and a little cheeky. I\’ve definitely been back and have met some really terrific people – and had some great sex!!!!!



First time last night and I must say I had a great night amazing people just wish I had more time the night ended to quick ( way to quick) but cant wait to meet many new people soon Thank- you to everyone involved in this amazing venue – special mention to a special couple was great to meet you both and hope to see you there again



Well, wonders never cease to amaze me. I have been going to Diversionz for more than a year now, and last Saturday night I was able to get my partner to come along to check out what all the fuss was about. To my relief he was impressed, and especially by the fact that I was bi curios as well as a nymph a maniact….lol. That turned him on all weekend if you get my drift. I can\’t wait to go again knowing that he is ok with the whole idea of sharing, caring and just having a lot of sexy fun without judgement.



fun luva

I have always found Diversionz Really Good right from it\’s opening night. The place only gets better with time with all the renovations done in the last couple of years. Best place I know.



Rob & Ally
Thanks for a great New Years Eve party! Just like the Christmas party, we had an awesome time. Big crowd, great people, fantastic club!! We luv it!



Thanks to everyone for a great New Years, my second visit,and it was even more fun,thank you to al the staff, including those hard working bar staff. As a member of AFF,have been friends from there both times, and we are heading back at the end of the month hopefully,few birthdays to celebrate



Janelle & Gavin
Like OMG… Gavin a I had a fantastic night last night. Thank you for all your effort guys. You must be worn out from working so hard with such a large turn out. I know I am worn out from all that dancing and romancing. Oh and just in the case you were wondering Sue, I did wake with a headache. LOL.



Mal & Donna
We would like to thank the lovely lady who worked very hard at saturday nights Xmas party providing fantastic massages. I know my wife and I came out of the massage room with a grin from ear to ear. I am sure every one else who recieved a massage felt the same. Please pass on our thanks.



Steve G
Saturday night was my first time and must say I was very impressed with the venue. Clean and a homely atmosphere. I meet some awesome people that made my night. Its great to know that there are like minded people that understand. looking forward to the new year event. I would like to thank the staff for a great job in making me feel at home thank you very much and merry xmas Steve G.



My partner and I had a great time at Diversionz. It was the first swingers club we\’ve ever been to and we\’ll definitely be going again. The staff were friendly and helpful, the facilities were clean and good quality, and there was an excellent atmosphere in the club.



a fun chick
Did I ever have fun at Diversionz! In fact I have had fun at Diversionz more then once now, and yes you will see me there again! The club was clean, the hosts were friendly, the nibblies were scrumptious, the crowd was great, I loved it!



Lindy & Phil
WHAT A FANTASTIC BUNCH OF PEOPLE. Our second home. A more professional but careing group of people would be hard to find . Cannot sing their praises loud enough. The regulars are fantastic making everyone feel comfortable without being pushy . We\’ll being going back till we\’re old and grey






Thanks for a great Saturday night out to the Diversionz crew. After attending a few similar venues in Queensland Diversionz is now our first choice. The crew keep the venue clean, fun and relaxed. The patrons are friendly and respectful. Cheers from a couple of satisfied swingers, J&D



Melody Rainbow
ankyou for a awesome night last night 😉 thankyou for the the wonderful cake for my birthday and helping celebrate my birthday with me 😉 we love coming to diversions, socializing and having fun lol the staff are very friendly and they people are great 😉 thanks from mrandmrssexy




What a sensational Night! Everyone was so nice and made us feel very welcome. More than I expected. Thanks Diversionz, I look forward to my next visit!



Henry & Vickie
Hi to the Diversonz crew. Thank you for truly great night with Brizzy Bangers. It was everything a girl who likes a little extra attention could hope for. That was Vickies experience – a fine troop of competent, virile, bangers in a happy and polite environment . We will be back Henry & Vickie



J & L H

We went here for the 1st time with some friends last weekend, we were a bit reluctant at 1st but as the night went on we were made feel very comfortable by both our friends and staff as well. Very nice and fun atmoshere, we,ll be back again.



Peter C
A good night had by a first timer on Sat 13 Aug . A big thank you to all staff who made me feel at home as I walked in the door. Great place to hang out. Made some new friends and will cum back soon. I did meet one couple that were keen to play, the male wanted to watch his wife with another guy, it was a real turn on knowing he was watching…you know who you are and thanks for a good time. Hope to see you again.




Hey guys i have been longing for this excitment for such a long time. This was the best night! i sincerely hope the rest of you can get out and about and come meet me!



Tony Newbie

Dear Sue, Mary-Anne and staff, I would like to thank you for allowing me to attend Diversionz last saturday night. It was my first time ever in a swingers club. I enjoyed myself immensly and it has helped me decide whether or not I would fit into the environment. Gladly I feel I do. I would to pass on my thanks to the attendees of that night. They made me feel comfortable, welcome and at ease. There is no clickimess within this club at all… Again thank you…



had a great night thanks diversonz from d&s



M & K W
Me and my wife went for first time few weeks ago pushed each other thru door at a club cuddly night but was made feel right at home. we had a awsome night!



Rebecca B
I attended the club for the first time last night. Although nervous when first went in, within a few minutes i felt completely comfortable. Everyone was really friendly and ended up having a great night. Will definetly be back for some more fun nights.



Vivacious & AJ
I want to say to all the staff a big thank you for making me and my partner feel comfortable on our first time going to a swingers club. You guys made us feel at ease and the atmosphere was relaxed. Also a BIG thank you to a certain couple we met in the spa, you guys made it so easy to talk to. Diversionz is a great place, very clean and respectable and we are definitely going back again. This place is fun fun fun. THANK YOU for having a venue to explore our fantasies. Vivacious & AJ



What a gr8 place Diverionz is, never have i felt so comfortable and relaxed around so many ppl i dont know, the staff r fantastic and so friendly (yes Sue even u LOL). Some ppl ask why do i go there and my main reason i give them is that i know i can walk through that front door and not be judged for being a bigger gal, i get judged on my personality and the person that i am. You guys ROCK, thank u for the many a gr8 nite i have had Robyn



Tasha,Cindy & Candy fun girls
Amazing venue…everyone was so friendly & we felt really welcomed…we had so much fun both nights…Glad we came !



Been going to D\’s since June/July 2010 + every time I go I have a blast! Keep it up! You guys rock!



Pink Queen
am a BBW and the swingers club I am in, Club Cuddly, meet regularly at Diversionz and I find the staff, facilities and atmosphere outstanding. I feel safe at Diversionz and everyone is very friendly. It is wonderful to have an adult lifestyle venue where you feel safe and it is run soooo well and kept clean and tidy for all the patrons. I applaud Diversionz for creating such a warm and welcoming environment. Thank you for all the good times I have had so far and I look forward to many more. Keep up the good work. Oh and for anyone thinking of coming along JUST DO IT it really isn\’t that scary and we all were newbies once lol Hugs xoxo



All I can say is thanks for a great night. My partner and I had never been to any clubs like this before, we will be coming back again for sure. It was such a great feeling the minute you walk in the door, everyone is so friendly and welcoming. We never had a play this time but we met some great people and had many laughs. Can\’t wait for our next visit. Thanks again guys for an awesome night.



Carol & Dave
Wow, what can we say, seriously blown away by the improvements. Love love love the bar and the smokers area is like a sophistocated cafe now. Seems if we turn our backs for even a week some serious upgrades happen. Congrats it is looking bloody amazing!



Jan, single lady
Just wanted to say thank you for a most fabulous venue and evening on sat night. Very welcoming friendly and an easy going fun sexxy vibe. I felt so comfortable. Great bunch of people, and yes I had a very sexxy fun time myself…:-) :-))) Thanks for the intro to J & S, they\’re a good laugh, and again made me feel very welcome, and I believe were instrumental in my hooking up with \”Jesus\” lol…. Ahhh he is a very sexxy boy!! I was kinda in a happy delirious head space on way out… Lol I definitely plan to be coming back. Make a few weekend trips;-)) ( life willing) So thanks again Sue. I\’m so happy I made it. Diversionz Rocks!!



Crazy Horse
my first time to Diversionz was excellent, everyone was welcomeing and helpfull. The venue was clean, the atmosphere was really laid back. As soon as i had walked in i was very nervous as id never been to an event like this before, but…as soon as i walked up the stairs all that went away. I enjoyed my night and can not wait to return, thank you so very much to every one at diversionz for a great time 🙂



James & Pauline

What struck us immediately was how welcome we felt for our first visit. Sue gave us a quick tour and some introductions. Everyone was friendly and happy to chat and we felt really comfortable. It’s a great venue and well laid out with different rooms and options and everyone was having lots of fun *wink*. Congrats on designing and managing such a great venue. James & Pauline



David James
reat venue and good mix of people and very relaxed atomosphere ! dont know anywhere like it on the northside ! the only fault i had was the spa is too close to the smoking area otherwise i would have used the spa!! the spa is always a great way to break the ice ! would go back !!!



Naughty Nelly
Firstly I would like to say your club is great! My partner has just started to take me to your parties because I had never been to any club\’s before and wanted to try one. I felt everyone was down to earth and very friendly. I could fit in easy and I did not feel out of my league. We have been a few times now and look forward to our next visit this Saturday night if all goes well. Rules are great and I never felt hassled by anyone. The respect shown by the people there is fantastic. You may have tried this before but the only suggestion I would like to give is is try a some theme nights. Eg:- Naughty Nurses and Dirty Dr party, Pimps and Hoes night, Fetish\’s night, Anything But Clothes Party, Pj\’s party, Beach party, Pity and Pamper Me night, Cowboys and Cowgirls night, Linger with the law night(cops, robbers jail birds), Picture Me Innocent party or even just a Colour My World RED or BLACK or WHITE etc. night.



Hey guys, i visited for the first time in Jun (first ever experience) must say enjoyed myself emensly. i will definitely be visiting again actually i will be coming for my birthday on October 22nd i will be 28 and looking to let my hair down again. wish i lived c closer to do it more often. You all made me feel very comfortable.



Jules & Simon
Hello there. Jules here. We visited last nite and I just wanted to tell you it nice to meet you. Your venue is very clean and fresh and has a great party environment. It is a safe clean place for people to visit and have fun. Maybe a bigger spa would be my only suggestion, but it was a pleasant experience. Thanks



Sarah BBW
Love it! I am fast becoming a regular .. where else can I, as a single big girl, go and find such friendly, interesting and horny people? I can be myself – talk about sex all I like; pick up lovely guys; or just flirt a little. I can (attempt to) play pool with the girls. Trish and Sue are fabulous, so is Beck and the guys that help with food and drink. Diversionz is clean, friendly, well equipped, well organised, safe and a whole lot of fun! Sarah x



Bob Nicholls
hi all well i run club cuddly in qld which is an adult club for the bigger people we have regular partys with 40 to 60 members at diversions and can say we have never been anywhere else where we have felt so welcome the venue is so clean and tidy and well layed out our female members feel safe and thats a big thing maybe thats why there are a lot attending other nights as well anyhow see you at our next party love bob



Muff & Diver
Happy birthday to Diversionz! What a year, and what a bloody great party!!!!!!!



i Guys, Wow you all outdid yourselves last night!!! Had the best night and so many laughs. But to top it off met a lovely guy actually several, but one rating a special mention. Anyway Thanks so much and for the free pass as well. Ill be back and not just because I won a freebie either. Thanks again!! Oh and Happy Birthday! Tesh



Hi everyone, I went to Diversionz for the first time on Saturday night 5 th June. I was very nervous at first but everyone is warm and welcoming i had a great time.Next time i will bring my Husband with me it was nice to sit around and have a chat and meet such lovely people. I didnt feel any pressure from anyone to do things i wasnt comfortable in doing. Thanks again to the Diversionz team for making me feel comfortable. From Jodee



Dave & Karen
Love the renovations! You just make this place better and better 🙂 Everytime we come we can spot changes and they\’re always for the better. Keep up the good work, we\’ll be back!



Pearl & Partner
Thanks for a great night, look forward to the next one I was SO impressed with Diversionz I\’ve been to a few swing clubs, Diversionz was clean, friendly, clean, had an awesome music play list, clean, had good decor, clean, loved the pool table, clean, friendly staff, clean, great amenities and did I mention how clean it was? I\’ll be back again for sure! book me as a regular. Pearl



Kev & Lou
Hi just a few lines to thank you for having a great club we normally go to mikes but prefer the atmosphere at your club We came down the other week on Friday for the first time and had a great time and will be coming again and again See you on the 5th march



Karen & Dave
This is the best thing to happen to the Brisbane swingers scene in years. We love the place, no two nights are ever the same so it\’s always interesting and exciting. The venue is so clean and fresh, it puts others to shame and the staff totally lack any pretensions. Everyone is always made to feel so welcome. Really looking forward to New Years Eve – seriously hope I win the amateur strip comp so we can go more often in 2010 lol



Dave M
Been twice now and will be back many more times in the future. I have been to a few Swingers Clubs and this one by far is the most comfortable; friendly staff, great atmosphere and and regular everday people make this a great experience. David (Erika & David)



had a fantastic time as i always do, and is also worth the trip for me as well, keep up the good work guys ill keep comin back for more



Brett & Donna

The last Brizzy Bangers party at Diversionz was great..had lots of fun! Looking forward to the 31st July!!



Donna & Brett
Have only been once so far…opening night! Had a great time, met some fun people! Looking forward to Brizzy Bangers this week!! Woo Hoo!!



Celtic Gem

wow it was well worth the travel to attend the opening night great mix of people great relaxed friendly atmosphere



Amber & James

Love the new place, great mix of rooms and activities – fun for all.



Big Honey

Love your bondage room and spa. Great venue, ooohhh yes yes yes yes the pleasure



Jeff Harper

It\’s great to see you up and running again after all the sad events of last year. What is even better, you are on my side of Brisbane…cant wait for my first party at the new venue. From my experience of the people running this venue everyone is welcome and it\’s a place where single guys like me are respected and treated fairly.



Published 14

Peter Weeks

Great venue ,great people and plenty of room to in Brissy



Muff n Diver
What a brilliant venue – so many amazing play spaces. Can\’t wait to come back!!!



Hi everyone, a very big thank you for a wonderful \\\”first\\\” time visit on newbie night. I was made to feel welcome, staff and other guests were amazingly friendly, and I am hooked . . . I will be back. If it was not for my friends recommendation, I would not have gone in the first place, however now I think she may just have created a monster 🙂 Thank you once again !!